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Dream Journal Symbolism: Reality Show Mothers and Hair

A few years ago when my daughter was in high school and I was having difficulty explaining that my rules are as is, and I didn’t care what other mother’s rules are. I don’t care what other people think; it’s my life and my family, and I will do it my way.

Then I had this dream:

I was at the beach with a friend from high school. A huge wave came and took something or someone (I think it was a baby). The dream switched and I was at a reality show about mothers and daughters getting makeovers. My hair was turning brown and caramel. All of the other mothers were redheads. There were college boys in a trailer near us. I was the only mother that stayed back to watch everything in the show while the others went off and did their own thing. Still waiting to be picked for a makeover, I went to the trailer and saw a room where my daughter had slept. The bed was made.

This was a difficult dream for me to interpret at the time, because I didn’t understand the reality show portion of it. The huge wave coming and taking something – if in fact it was a baby – was probably representative of my own child, even though she was no longer a baby. She was still my baby. The fact that all of the other mothers had red hair and I did not said that I was different from them. Also different were my actions, because while I was observing things they were nonchalant in doing their own thing. This is exactly how it played out in real life.
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