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Meditation: Visualizing Mountains

I started meditation a few years ago, and it took me a while to figure out what I was doing. Eventually, I just let go and things came to me. There is one vision that comes to me every so often, but each time it changes as I grow spiritually.

The first time I had this visualization, I saw a beach and people standing across it in a line, facing the water, facing me. I knew that these are the people that I will help in some way. One was a tall, skinny man, another was an older woman in a wheelchair with a broken leg or foot, and some were children. Behind the people, but farther in the distance was a mountain. It seemed as if there was also a mountain of people, but that wasn’t clear. In front of the mountain was a shop, and I had to go through it in order to get to the mountain. The more I stared at the shop, I could see block letters, and I think it was a print shop.

High on a Mountain

Each time I had the mountain vision, something changed, something progressed. Eventually I made it to another mountain, and entered inside a room with beautiful lights. There was a window on one side overlooking a river. The room was long like a hallway, and at the end was a way to go left or right. I knew to go left first and entered another small dark room. I believe it had a large crystal in it, like an amethyst. I knew I wasn’t ready to head to the other room on the right, so during the next few visualizations, I enjoyed the pretty colors and window view in the long room.

Eventually, I made it into the room on the right. This was a room that allowed me to move on to the next mountain. I could fly above the land and be free. Whenever I need a sense of freedom, I try to go back to the room on the right and fly out above everything.