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Inspirational Poster: Rainbows in the Dark

“Always look for rainbows among the darkness.” ¬†~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

During a meditation last year, I was holding one of my favorite quartz crystals. The sun was shining through the window and as I turned the crystal a certain direction, I could see tiny little rainbows throughout it. It confirmed the questions I had about my concerns, and I knew it was a sign that everything was going to be okay.

A rainbow is a spectrum of colors that appears when light shines a certain way. When we hope for something, we have a little light inside of our hearts that keeps our dreams alive. Sometimes our hopes and dreams seem so far off that we cannot fathom their reality. That one shred of light is all it takes to create a spectrum. Keep that rainbow in your heart, because one day it will shine through.

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Inspirational Poster: Spider Web

“If you find your web is a little broken, it’s okay to start over.”

~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

Have you ever watched a spider weave its web? It’s a fascinating thing to watch. Spiders are quick and accurate, and within minutes they complete this fantastic weave of silk that¬† takes the human hands hours to complete. Most everyone has walked through spider webs by accident. Did we ever stop to wonder how much work the spider must do to repair what we’ve done?

How many times have we worked either on something or towards something and we find ourselves having to start all over again? As frustrating as it may be to do it again, we may find something new or better in the task.

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