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Finding Treasures: Griffin & Sabine

Thrift stores are always having book sales, and since I am a book lover, they are the best place to find some great reads. I found this little treasure called Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence by Nick Bantock. It is finely illustrated in post-card format, so the reader isn’t following a typical paragraph-type of book.┬áIt is sort of a pop-up type of book, but instead of things popping up, envelopes open to reveal letters written between the two characters Griffin and Sabine. This book is like reading letters found in an old drawer between two people you’ve never met – but with a surprise twist at the end. The book sells on Amazon for about $13. The price I paid? $1.

Finding Treasures: Raggedy Ann & Andy

When I was a kid I collected dolls. Actually, I collected dolls when I was adult, too, but had to sell them off to free up some space. I’ve recently become fascinated with dolls again, either making them myself or taking their photos. Not long ago I had to research rag dolls, which is probably what has sparked my interest in them again.

On another note, I am a huge bargain hunter. I like to buy really cool things for as little as possible. I’m not a big fan of bargaining, however, but if the price is right – I am on it!

This is one of my latest garage sale finds. I don’t know if Raggedy Ann and Andy here were handmade or authentic, but Andy’s clothes have an actual tag. They both need some TLC, but the price I paid for them – whether or not they are the genuine article – couldn’t be beat. When kids come to play, the $2 I spent on this couple makes it worthwhile!

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Raggedy Ann


Needs TLC