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Inspirational Poster: A Splash of Color

“Sometimes all you need in life is a little splash of color.” 

Winter is a time of year when things are often grey. Trees are bare, the sky is colorless, and things are generally “blah”. If you’re feeling the winter blues, buy yourself some fresh flowers. A little splash of color can make a world of difference and put a smile on your face.

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Inspirational Poster: Manifesting

“Manifest your inner power and wisdom… your spiritual growth and abilities.”

~ Shannon Hart 

Working on what we want for ourselves spiritually isn’t as difficult as it seems. We are in charge of our own destinies. Our thoughts and words are powerful tools that can manifest our desires and abilities, which is why we must be careful of that which we are creating.

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Some Thoughts on Love

How do you know when someone loves you?

Before I agreed to marry my husband, how was I sure that he loved me? He put up with all of my little idiosyncrasies. He put up with my artsy-fartsy projects all around the house. He even stuck around when my teenage girl was… well, being not so nice.

When somebody truly loves you, they pick you up – not kick you – when you are down.

That was probably the one thing that led me to knowing that he loved me like no one else ever had.

“If you’re ever down, I will pick you up.”

At a loss of words for the children

As most of us probably are today, I am at a loss of words about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Inspirational Poster: Spread Your Wings

“To fear spreading your wings is to fear change.”  ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

If we are too comfortable in a situation, things get stagnant. Oftentimes, we fear that if we change something we will lose that comfort zone. But in order to grow, we must change. Discomfort is only temporary, and the end result is something for the better. All it takes is a little step to push off and spread our wings.

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Inspirational Poster: Looking Forward in Life

“If you think you have nothing to look forward to, remember that the sun will set and rise again each and every day.”  ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

Have you ever taken a much-needed relaxing vacation that turned out to be one problem after another? Or perhaps you purchased the home or car of your dreams and realized it was a huge mistake?

Sometimes things don’t live up to our expectations. If something isn’t working out for us, then it may be bad timing or it could be the Universe telling us to reevaluate what it is we really want.  When things don’t go our way, that doesn’t mean we have nothing to look forward to, because the sun will still set and rise each day.

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Inspirational Poster: The Light in the Darkness

“Even in the darkness, when you look closely enough you can see a bit of light shining through.”  ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

Have you ever been in a room of complete darkness, but once your eyes adjust you find that you can see? Or perhaps there is a tiny bit of light coming through a crack in a door or a slightly opened curtain exposing moonlight? Sometimes we refuse to see the light, but it’s always there. Look closely.

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Inspirational Poster: An Amazing Journey

“Treat every path as the opportunity to an amazing journey.”

~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

In order to get to an open door, we must travel a path. No matter where we go or what we do, there are things in our paths that will happen regardless. Everyone will experience new things, repetitive things, and even things out of the ordinary that will change our lives. Every occurrence in our lives is a part of our journey. Treat it as amazing and embrace it!

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Inspirational Poster: Beauty Among the Muck

“Look for the beauty among the muck.” ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

We’ve all been in a place that isn’t pretty, either emotionally or in physical reality. Colors are dull, nothing seems to be going right, and the future looks grim. But nothing stays that way forever. (Even cow manure has its benefits!) By changing our way of thinking, we can find great things coming out of the ugly.

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