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2013 – The End of the World As I Know It

Although 13 is my favorite number, the year 2013 has been rough, so I will gladly say goodbye to it.

This year I gave up my photography business. It was like giving up a child, but it had to be done. (I had moved to Hawaii in 2012, and I’d given up my Florida clients to other photographer friends.) When I returned to Florida in 2013, I opted for a regular paycheck and steady income. It was a new beginning, but it’s always tough saying goodbye to things you’ve worked so hard to have.

For many people which I love and care deeply, their own lives changed. Many of us dealt with unexpected deaths this year. Earlier this year I learned of my friend’s suicide. It was shocking, devastating, and saddening to know that such a beautiful person was hurting so badly that she only saw one way out. Just after Thanksgiving, I learned of another very shocking suicide of a very well-liked influential person in a community I used to live. But it wasn’t just physical death that people had to deal with this year.

Nearing the end of 2013, when things began to dramatically change for me personally, I was forced to reassess many aspects of my own life. One was the type of people that I had allowed to enter or re-enter my life. Being that spirituality is extremely important to me, it didn’t take long to notice that some of these people were not friends at all. Friends that respect boundaries and care about needs without considering their own interests is essential to maintaining true friendships. So with that, it was time to cut the cords with those that can’t serve spiritually.  And then, by mutual agreement, my marriage ended just in time for the holidays. Although it’s heartbreaking and we still both love each other dearly, we knew we’d grown apart and that it would be healthier for us both to move on. This is probably the hardest part of 2013 for me.

But 2013 also had some new beginnings. I worked at a law office as a legal secretary until I was hired as a technology teacher at a private school. I have met some very wonderful people and work with the most amazing, talented kids. And I get to teach what I gave up earlier in the year – photography! In November, I began another successful part-time job selling some really awesome jewelry.

What I learned from 2013 is we choose our lifestyles and our happiness by eliminating the old and starting new, like a fresh rain washing away the dirt (thanks for the analogy, Eric 🙂 ). So what does 2014 have in store? I’m hoping some really cool changes that will put more smiles on my face and make me feel like myself again. But it’s all up to me and how I want to live my life.

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What will 2014 bring?

Inspirational Poster: A Splash of Color

“Sometimes all you need in life is a little splash of color.” 

Winter is a time of year when things are often grey. Trees are bare, the sky is colorless, and things are generally “blah”. If you’re feeling the winter blues, buy yourself some fresh flowers. A little splash of color can make a world of difference and put a smile on your face.

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Prophetic Dreams

The very few times in my life in which I’ve had dreams that came true made me have more faith in listening to my subconscious. I don’t understand why prophetic dreams happen randomly over a period of a few years and stop altogether. I dream every night, but none like the ones I’m about to talk about.

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In the very first prophetic dream that I recall, I was looking at my best friend and her boyfriend smiling and waving at me. In the dream I had no reaction to them, more as an observer. There was another woman in the dream that I did not recognize, and I didn’t get to see her face. All I remembered was that she had blonde hair and was older. I didn’t remember the dream until later the next day.

My best friend had to drive me to the emergency room. Her boyfriend stayed on the phone with me until she arrived at my house (this was before cell phones). While waiting in the ER, there were several techs in and out of the room. When I saw the older, blonde nurse come in to check on me, I remembered my dream. Everything seemed so surreal at the time. I watched her, she said nothing, but had a peacefulness about her. She came in twice to check my IV, and I never saw her again.

Another time I had a prophetic dream was a few years later. I was dating someone at the time that I will refer to as Mr. Bad News. I had more than one dream about Mr. Bad News cheating on me. Each time, my dreams were telling me something, but I was too stubborn to see what was right in front of my face – until the last time when there was physical evidence. In the last dream, there was another girl with him. I couldn’t see her face, but I could see her long, wavy brown hair. The following day, I visited Mr. Bad News. His neck looked like he’d gotten into a fight with Miss Hoover. The girl he was with? Long, brown, wavy hair.

When I was in college, the CD player in my car stopped working and had one of my favorite CD’s stuck in it. I missed my Chili Peppers’ Californication CD for several weeks until I dreamed that I hit the eject button and it started working again. Initially, I’d forgotten about the dream the next day until I was driving around and it hit me. I didn’t think it was going to work, but I pushed the eject button and miraculously, out popped Californication! I couldn’t believe it!

The dreams I have now are filled with symbolism that takes time to interpret – and even then, still doesn’t always make sense to me. I keep a dream journal, and in a year, I’ve filled two of them!

Inspirational Poster: Spread Your Wings

“To fear spreading your wings is to fear change.”  ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

If we are too comfortable in a situation, things get stagnant. Oftentimes, we fear that if we change something we will lose that comfort zone. But in order to grow, we must change. Discomfort is only temporary, and the end result is something for the better. All it takes is a little step to push off and spread our wings.

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