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Meditation: Past Life Regressions

I have always believed in reincarnation, even before I knew what it was. Reading “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss helped me to understand why experiencing past lives during a regression could be helpful for solving problems today. Although we can’t prove that these lives actually existed, just the mere fact that these insights can help us is enough for me.

I had a group past life meditation with a few people and my daughter. Before we told our stories, we wrote down what we saw. Oddly enough, my daughter and I both experienced a similar Native American past life. This was nothing either of us had discussed until that moment. We were both quite surprised at our descriptions.

Native Americans – Copyright Shannon Hart Hudnell @ Abstract Lucidity

A few years ago I had done some past life meditations. In one, I was a fit 25-year-old male Roman in 673 A.D. There were mountains and a desert, and it seemed that I was in some type of training camp for soldiers. With me was an older, scruffy male that was my mentor; he was killed by an arrow. I recognized this person as a friend from this lifetime. The lesson for that lifetime was learning to trust.

In another lifetime, I was a 17-year-old male in either London or France. I believe it was sometime in the 1700s. I saw myself on the cobblestone road, released from a place that I believe was an orphanage. It was raining and cold, I had no shoes, and my clothing was ragged. There was a row of tall buildings, and I think I was at the end of this row. A man on a horse and buggy appeared. He seemed to be wealthy, and I knew he was there to help me and for me to work for him. I believe he was my grandfather in this lifetime. With him was another male “helper” of some sort who gave me the evil eye and made it obvious he didn’t like me. He seemed jealous. I believe that this man was my stepfather in this lifetime. My lesson for that lifetime was penance, as I believe I had probably been a food thief.

The same week I did another past life meditation. I was a male shepherd with a long robe, sandals, clean feet, and had a family with me in the year 1627 B.C. I believe I may have been in Switzerland, but the word/city that came to me was Brouguilles, which I cannot find any history of. I My family then are people within my family today, including my husband. My life lesson was to nurture and be a family leader.

I am convinced that in this lifetime I am reliving a similar situation that happened in another life. I believe that I was wrongly accused of something in an act of retaliation and accused of being a witch, which resulted in my death. I truly believe that the people behind the accusation are the same people that I have had some unfortunate dealings with in this lifetime. At least in this lifetime, I can be a witch and not be put to death for it.