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Dreaming of Throwing Discus, Native American flute music, Front Door

In a very surreal, but vivid dream I had the other night, I stepped outside the front door of my house and threw a discus. It flew into the air, high in the sky, and it played the sounds of Native American flutes. I knew somehow that it would come back to me like a boomerang effect. I went back inside the house to shut the door so it wouldn’t hit me.

Shannon's Creative Work: Native Americans &emdash;

The discus represents several things, but to me the first thought that came to mind was the kind used in a competitive sporting event. I also read that the discus may represent money, and in Hinduism, it represents the mind. The boomerang effect is something coming back to me. Stepping out of my house from the front door to the outside world – Houses are usually associated with the body; doors are associated with opportunities. Is my dream telling me I am opening my mind up for more opportunities? But since I am aware of this “boomerang” effect, I am being careful? Too careful? The music was pleasant and enjoyable… in fact, it was beautiful. Flutes are harmonious, and so is music in general if the music in the dream is “in tune”. I awoke with a good feeling from this dream.

Feather Dreams and Finding Treasures: Native American Medicine Shield

A while back I had a dream about finding feathers. Mainly they were black and white. At the end of the dream was one white feather. Two days later, I found this very large treasure at a thrift store. I knew that it was a Native American medicine shield, and I knew that it was another gift from the Universe. I was unsure of its value, and it had no price tag. I also knew that if I walked away from this treasure, someone else would grab it up and I’d be mad at myself.

The medicine shield is made of wool, leather, feathers, and rabbit fur. Some minor things need to be replaced, cleaned, and repaired, and I plan to do so using my own touch of symbols from the ocean. I will post when complete.

Native American Medicine Shield

Closeup of top

Closeup of bottom

Closeup of interior

Closeup of pheasant feathers

Closeup of rabbit fur

Closeup of bottom

Closeup of feathers