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3 Sisters – Poetry

3 Sisters

The moon,
The sea,
My cycle –
They’re all the
same to me
They come and go
like windstorms
and incite lunacy

The moon hovers its shadow
Over the sea’s changing tides
Its faces switch
from night to day,
revealing both its sides

The sea’s shifting body
goes in and out by day
Its rolling, stirring comber
takes the grit away

The cycle is my sister –
Each is relative, you see
Acting upon a schedule
of her own mystery

Shannon Hart
Copyright © 2010

Shannon's Creative Work: Our Beautiful World &emdash;

Amazing Soul and Spirit Drawings by Lisa Hunt

About two years ago I came across an artist’s website while I was searching for the symbolism of owls. Once I found what I was looking for, I didn’t stop there. The artist is Lisa Hunt, and her work is truly unique. She was offering customized Soul Drawings based on key words. Mine were: ocean, sun, water goddess, butterfly, animals. I was truly pleased when I received a nicely wrapped one-of-a-kind piece in the mail (the matting is my own) with a personal note.

lisa hunt art

Custom Spirit Drawing

Anxious to have another of Lisa’s brilliant works, I ordered another about a year later from her Spirit Drawings. This time I used the key words: Panther, crow, full moon, and tree. Once again, I was thrilled when I received this masterpiece. You can see both of these in a larger size on Lisa’s website: