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Words of the Day

Balance a combination of things to create the happiness I want.


Words of the Day

Take delight in life to start the healing process.


Pranic Healing has Healed my Life

I am open to a lot of things, but at the same time I am skeptic.

Two years ago I attended a Pranic Healing and meditation session to see what it was all about. Pranic healing is similar to Reiki, but slightly different in that it uses the auric energy field around the body and chakras, and cleanses the energy fields/auras in order to help the physical body to heal. There is no touch involed. (View this video that explains more.)

pranic healing

I’d been having some awful back pain that chiropractors and massage therapists were not helping. It had been going on for weeks, and I was feeling pretty desperate. When I saw an ad in a Natural Awakenings Magazine that there were free healing sessions being given in my area, I thought what have I got to lose? It can’t hurt to try it out. So I went to my very first Pranic Healing lecture and session.

There was a small group of people – some healers, some just like myself. The lecturer was an actual doctor – a dermatologist – who explained that because of her scientific background, she was very skeptical of any type of alternative medicine. She explained more about how Pranic Healing works. Then the group meditated to help calm and focus everyone. I got super lucky and had the doctor herself work on me.

At first I didn’t think anything was happening. I’d had a knife-stabbing pain in my back, and the chair I was sitting in didn’t help. After about 10 minutes or so, I started to feel lighter, and the right side of my body was relaxed. The left side was still tightened up, however. When the session was over, I was satisfied with the result that at least half of my body felt good and overall. She told me that sometimes it takes a day or so to take effect (to “sink in”), and sometimes it takes more than one session.

On my way home, I noticed that I felt much better than I had when I was on my way to the session – overall, I was less tired and more energetic. That night I went to bed full of energy. Within hours, my entire spine seemed to loosen up and pop and crack all the way up. It was amazing! I hadn’t felt good in weeks. And even though I hadn’t slept much that night, I didn’t feel very tired the next day. Compared to the day prior to attending Pranic Healing, I felt about 80% better.

Pranic Healing did something for me that nothing else could. I started attending weekly meditation and healing sessions, and I could see a complete change in myself within two months. I was happier, more energetic, calmer, and from what I am told, more pleasant to be around.

There are many free Pranic Healing sessions around the country, so if you are in chronic pain, you might want to try it out. For more information on Pranic Healing, visit:

Inspirational Poster: Manifesting

“Manifest your inner power and wisdom… your spiritual growth and abilities.”

~ Shannon Hart 

Working on what we want for ourselves spiritually isn’t as difficult as it seems. We are in charge of our own destinies. Our thoughts and words are powerful tools that can manifest our desires and abilities, which is why we must be careful of that which we are creating.

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Owning Your Power & Healing

Owning your power can be a scary process, because oftentimes we don’t understand just how powerful we are.

“Enough is enough,” I told myself one day. I had to teach myself that no matter what, I must refuse relationships that are no longer beneficial to my spiritual well being – even if it means excluding family members and outdated friends.

Being raised in a controlling and manipulative environment, I had learned that I had no power. My power belonged to someone else. If I knew in my heart that something was the color blue, I was told that it was red, and I was forced to acknowledge that it was red even against my own honor. The environment would then be manipulated enough so that things would appear red, and then I would question my own sanity and doubt myself. This type of behavior followed me into adulthood, and it caused many issues in relationships and other situations. I doubted myself many times when I should not have. I didn’t trust myself, and I didn’t trust my own instincts, and I found myself in many, many abusive situations that caused much heartache.

Shannon's Creative Work: Cats &emdash;

Take Back Your Power

It was a learned behavior, but I was determined to unlearn it all in order to become the person that I was meant to be and to heal once and for all. What has been ingrained in your life over several years can sometimes take several more years to unlearn. Years of therapy and self-help books and seminars are a good start, but most importantly, the support received from those around us is the foundation of our healing system. Finding the right “family”, so to speak, is where self-healing truly begins. Acknowledging our power and practicing using it goes right along with that first step. Knowing that we can change our own lives by using that power is a freedom that we all deserve.

However, there are other obstacles to overcome in the process. Once I reclaimed my power, those that I had released from my life didn’t take kindly to it. They provoked, prodded, accused, blamed, and hurled insults at me. I became their dartboard for all of their own problems because I chose to step away and refuse to tolerate their abusive behavior. I was tested time and time again with the same types of people and situations until I learned not to react, which is a very difficult lesson to learn. It was then that I was finally no longer a part of that wicked cycle of drama.

During my own personal process of reclaiming my power, a new friend with an old soul confided in me about her own similar situation. “When one person changes her behavior, the others that are a part of the group get upset because now they must also change. And no one likes change!” she told me. Her truth resonated in me and helped me to see my own situation in a bigger perspective.

After a few years, some of these people finally started to understand my position, because they were forced to change as well. That’s when relationships began to heal, and my power became stronger, because then I realized it was respected. Owning my power is still a process, because unlearning something isn’t overnight or even a few weeks. It can sometimes be years of learning, but once you start, it feels great.

Meditation: Visualizing Mountains

I started meditation a few years ago, and it took me a while to figure out what I was doing. Eventually, I just let go and things came to me. There is one vision that comes to me every so often, but each time it changes as I grow spiritually.

The first time I had this visualization, I saw a beach and people standing across it in a line, facing the water, facing me. I knew that these are the people that I will help in some way. One was a tall, skinny man, another was an older woman in a wheelchair with a broken leg or foot, and some were children. Behind the people, but farther in the distance was a mountain. It seemed as if there was also a mountain of people, but that wasn’t clear. In front of the mountain was a shop, and I had to go through it in order to get to the mountain. The more I stared at the shop, I could see block letters, and I think it was a print shop.

High on a Mountain

Each time I had the mountain vision, something changed, something progressed. Eventually I made it to another mountain, and entered inside a room with beautiful lights. There was a window on one side overlooking a river. The room was long like a hallway, and at the end was a way to go left or right. I knew to go left first and entered another small dark room. I believe it had a large crystal in it, like an amethyst. I knew I wasn’t ready to head to the other room on the right, so during the next few visualizations, I enjoyed the pretty colors and window view in the long room.

Eventually, I made it into the room on the right. This was a room that allowed me to move on to the next mountain. I could fly above the land and be free. Whenever I need a sense of freedom, I try to go back to the room on the right and fly out above everything.

Meditation: Past Life Regressions

I have always believed in reincarnation, even before I knew what it was. Reading “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss helped me to understand why experiencing past lives during a regression could be helpful for solving problems today. Although we can’t prove that these lives actually existed, just the mere fact that these insights can help us is enough for me.

I had a group past life meditation with a few people and my daughter. Before we told our stories, we wrote down what we saw. Oddly enough, my daughter and I both experienced a similar Native American past life. This was nothing either of us had discussed until that moment. We were both quite surprised at our descriptions.

Native Americans – Copyright Shannon Hart Hudnell @ Abstract Lucidity

A few years ago I had done some past life meditations. In one, I was a fit 25-year-old male Roman in 673 A.D. There were mountains and a desert, and it seemed that I was in some type of training camp for soldiers. With me was an older, scruffy male that was my mentor; he was killed by an arrow. I recognized this person as a friend from this lifetime. The lesson for that lifetime was learning to trust.

In another lifetime, I was a 17-year-old male in either London or France. I believe it was sometime in the 1700s. I saw myself on the cobblestone road, released from a place that I believe was an orphanage. It was raining and cold, I had no shoes, and my clothing was ragged. There was a row of tall buildings, and I think I was at the end of this row. A man on a horse and buggy appeared. He seemed to be wealthy, and I knew he was there to help me and for me to work for him. I believe he was my grandfather in this lifetime. With him was another male “helper” of some sort who gave me the evil eye and made it obvious he didn’t like me. He seemed jealous. I believe that this man was my stepfather in this lifetime. My lesson for that lifetime was penance, as I believe I had probably been a food thief.

The same week I did another past life meditation. I was a male shepherd with a long robe, sandals, clean feet, and had a family with me in the year 1627 B.C. I believe I may have been in Switzerland, but the word/city that came to me was Brouguilles, which I cannot find any history of. I My family then are people within my family today, including my husband. My life lesson was to nurture and be a family leader.

I am convinced that in this lifetime I am reliving a similar situation that happened in another life. I believe that I was wrongly accused of something in an act of retaliation and accused of being a witch, which resulted in my death. I truly believe that the people behind the accusation are the same people that I have had some unfortunate dealings with in this lifetime. At least in this lifetime, I can be a witch and not be put to death for it.

Meditation: Padmini Dhoop Sticks Incense

I’m considerably picky about incense. First off, I am extremely sensitive to things that are too “perfumey”. Some of the junk out there literally makes me vomit, because it’s so strong. I found these great little mini sticks (also sold in larger sticks) called Padmini Dhoop Sticks. They have no wooden stick attached, so there is no burning wood scent. And although they’re perfumed, they aren’t disgusting. Their scent is quite pleasant, and a little goes a long way. The greatest part about this brand is that it comes with a little metal hole stud to place the incense for burning. I paid $1 for a box of  mini sticks and $1.50 for the larger ones.

Inspirational Poster: Rainbows in the Dark

“Always look for rainbows among the darkness.”  ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell

During a meditation last year, I was holding one of my favorite quartz crystals. The sun was shining through the window and as I turned the crystal a certain direction, I could see tiny little rainbows throughout it. It confirmed the questions I had about my concerns, and I knew it was a sign that everything was going to be okay.

A rainbow is a spectrum of colors that appears when light shines a certain way. When we hope for something, we have a little light inside of our hearts that keeps our dreams alive. Sometimes our hopes and dreams seem so far off that we cannot fathom their reality. That one shred of light is all it takes to create a spectrum. Keep that rainbow in your heart, because one day it will shine through.

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Goldstone: Copper and Blue/Purple – Healing, Protection, Psychic Qualities

Goldstone fascinated me as a child. I was about five years old when someone had given me a child-size thick gold-tone bracelet that clipped over my wrist. In the center was a beautiful goldstone. The bracelet made me feel special, like an Egyptian goddess. I treasured that bracelet for years, but sold it on eBay a few years ago when I realized I couldn’t possibly wear it anymore.

Copper Goldstone

It wasn’t until recently I learned that goldstone isn’t a gemstone at all, even though many people claim it to be. Often referred to as aventurine glass, goldstone was invented in the seventeenth century by the Miotti family of Venice. There are also claims that monks accidentally discovered the process, but there is no documented evidence of that.

The stone is made from glass with reflective sparkly particles, such as copper, cobalt (blue), and manganese (purple). Each element produces different colors. Being that goldstone is manmade, does it give it any less qualities of healing or metaphysical value?

There are claims that copper goldstone has healing and energy properties, blue goldstone helps communication, and purple helps to open psychic awareness. They are used in meditation, healing, and charms.

Copper is known for its healing and protection properties. Since copper is a conductor, it can be used in energy charms. Cobalt is also said to have healing properties, and its blue color is said to help in removing creative blocks and aid in psychic abilities. Manganese  is claimed to have healing properties as well, and is said to have shielding properties in protection charms.

Blue/Purple Goldstone