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Words of the Day

With gratitude, we can see the light.


Words of the Day

Balance a combination of things to create the happiness I want.


Words of the Day

Take delight in life to start the healing process.


2013 – The End of the World As I Know It

Although 13 is my favorite number, the year 2013 has been rough, so I will gladly say goodbye to it.

This year I gave up my photography business. It was like giving up a child, but it had to be done. (I had moved to Hawaii in 2012, and I’d given up my Florida clients to other photographer friends.) When I returned to Florida in 2013, I opted for a regular paycheck and steady income. It was a new beginning, but it’s always tough saying goodbye to things you’ve worked so hard to have.

For many people which I love and care deeply, their own lives changed. Many of us dealt with unexpected deaths this year. Earlier this year I learned of my friend’s suicide. It was shocking, devastating, and saddening to know that such a beautiful person was hurting so badly that she only saw one way out. Just after Thanksgiving, I learned of another very shocking suicide of a very well-liked influential person in a community I used to live. But it wasn’t just physical death that people had to deal with this year.

Nearing the end of 2013, when things began to dramatically change for me personally, I was forced to reassess many aspects of my own life. One was the type of people that I had allowed to enter or re-enter my life. Being that spirituality is extremely important to me, it didn’t take long to notice that some of these people were not friends at all. Friends that respect boundaries and care about needs without considering their own interests is essential to maintaining true friendships. So with that, it was time to cut the cords with those that can’t serve spiritually.  And then, by mutual agreement, my marriage ended just in time for the holidays. Although it’s heartbreaking and we still both love each other dearly, we knew we’d grown apart and that it would be healthier for us both to move on. This is probably the hardest part of 2013 for me.

But 2013 also had some new beginnings. I worked at a law office as a legal secretary until I was hired as a technology teacher at a private school. I have met some very wonderful people and work with the most amazing, talented kids. And I get to teach what I gave up earlier in the year – photography! In November, I began another successful part-time job selling some really awesome jewelry.

What I learned from 2013 is we choose our lifestyles and our happiness by eliminating the old and starting new, like a fresh rain washing away the dirt (thanks for the analogy, Eric 🙂 ). So what does 2014 have in store? I’m hoping some really cool changes that will put more smiles on my face and make me feel like myself again. But it’s all up to me and how I want to live my life.

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What will 2014 bring?

Dreaming of Throwing Discus, Native American flute music, Front Door

In a very surreal, but vivid dream I had the other night, I stepped outside the front door of my house and threw a discus. It flew into the air, high in the sky, and it played the sounds of Native American flutes. I knew somehow that it would come back to me like a boomerang effect. I went back inside the house to shut the door so it wouldn’t hit me.

Shannon's Creative Work: Native Americans &emdash;

The discus represents several things, but to me the first thought that came to mind was the kind used in a competitive sporting event. I also read that the discus may represent money, and in Hinduism, it represents the mind. The boomerang effect is something coming back to me. Stepping out of my house from the front door to the outside world – Houses are usually associated with the body; doors are associated with opportunities. Is my dream telling me I am opening my mind up for more opportunities? But since I am aware of this “boomerang” effect, I am being careful? Too careful? The music was pleasant and enjoyable… in fact, it was beautiful. Flutes are harmonious, and so is music in general if the music in the dream is “in tune”. I awoke with a good feeling from this dream.

Inspirational Poster: Manifesting

“Manifest your inner power and wisdom… your spiritual growth and abilities.”

~ Shannon Hart 

Working on what we want for ourselves spiritually isn’t as difficult as it seems. We are in charge of our own destinies. Our thoughts and words are powerful tools that can manifest our desires and abilities, which is why we must be careful of that which we are creating.

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Owning Your Power & Healing

Owning your power can be a scary process, because oftentimes we don’t understand just how powerful we are.

“Enough is enough,” I told myself one day. I had to teach myself that no matter what, I must refuse relationships that are no longer beneficial to my spiritual well being – even if it means excluding family members and outdated friends.

Being raised in a controlling and manipulative environment, I had learned that I had no power. My power belonged to someone else. If I knew in my heart that something was the color blue, I was told that it was red, and I was forced to acknowledge that it was red even against my own honor. The environment would then be manipulated enough so that things would appear red, and then I would question my own sanity and doubt myself. This type of behavior followed me into adulthood, and it caused many issues in relationships and other situations. I doubted myself many times when I should not have. I didn’t trust myself, and I didn’t trust my own instincts, and I found myself in many, many abusive situations that caused much heartache.

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Take Back Your Power

It was a learned behavior, but I was determined to unlearn it all in order to become the person that I was meant to be and to heal once and for all. What has been ingrained in your life over several years can sometimes take several more years to unlearn. Years of therapy and self-help books and seminars are a good start, but most importantly, the support received from those around us is the foundation of our healing system. Finding the right “family”, so to speak, is where self-healing truly begins. Acknowledging our power and practicing using it goes right along with that first step. Knowing that we can change our own lives by using that power is a freedom that we all deserve.

However, there are other obstacles to overcome in the process. Once I reclaimed my power, those that I had released from my life didn’t take kindly to it. They provoked, prodded, accused, blamed, and hurled insults at me. I became their dartboard for all of their own problems because I chose to step away and refuse to tolerate their abusive behavior. I was tested time and time again with the same types of people and situations until I learned not to react, which is a very difficult lesson to learn. It was then that I was finally no longer a part of that wicked cycle of drama.

During my own personal process of reclaiming my power, a new friend with an old soul confided in me about her own similar situation. “When one person changes her behavior, the others that are a part of the group get upset because now they must also change. And no one likes change!” she told me. Her truth resonated in me and helped me to see my own situation in a bigger perspective.

After a few years, some of these people finally started to understand my position, because they were forced to change as well. That’s when relationships began to heal, and my power became stronger, because then I realized it was respected. Owning my power is still a process, because unlearning something isn’t overnight or even a few weeks. It can sometimes be years of learning, but once you start, it feels great.

20 Things on My Bucket List

I’ve slowly been adding things to my bucket list over the last year. I keep seeing new and cool things that I really want to do. Some of what I want to do is time-consuming and/or costly, but either way, I am determined to do these before I kick the bucket.

First, I have to admit that I am really scared of heights, so I won’t be jumping out of airplanes or doing any extreme mountain climbing. In fact, I cannot even do rollercoasters! But there are a few things on the list that I can handle (I think!).

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1. Learn to scuba dive.

2. Learn to surf.

3. See The Rolling Stones in concert.

4. See Elton John in concert. 

5. Hydro Jet surf.

6. Parasail. 

7. Paraglide.

8. Fly an Ultralight.

9. See Paul McCartney in concert.

10. Visit France, Italy, Japan, Peru, and India.

11. Track and visit where all of my ancestors have lived.

12. Participate in a 5K.

13. Invent something that everyone will love.

14. Make a successful movie.

15. See Billy Joel in concert.

16. Write something successful that will be for years to come.

17. Dine with at least one of the following: Maya Angelou, Terry Gross, Oprah Winfrey, or Michelle Obama.

18. Visit and volunteer in a remote village.

19. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 

20. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Words Manifesting into Pain

It took me a while to realize that our words really do manifest into physical things. When I’d first heard about it, I was a little skeptical, but when I tried positive affirmations and they worked, I knew that there was truth in words.

“The Scream” by Shannon Hart Hudnell

Certain things we may find ourselves saying will manifest into physical pain or disease. For example, think about what these might mean next time you find yourself saying it:

“That kid is a pain in my neck.”

“My boss is a pain in the ass.”

“I am tired of this.”

“You keep hurting me.”

“My head is about to explode.”

“He’s breaking my heart.”

“Work is kicking my ass this week.”

Think about the physical pain you have and the possibility that what you are saying is bringing it on. We manifest our own destinies and are responsible for ourselves.