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Finding Treasures: Gold Sheen Obsidian

As I’ve mentioned before, I love going to thrift stores and garage sales. Not too long ago I saw this interesting black ball at a garage sale. It had a few scratches and a small crack, but it was otherwise in great condition. I was unsure as to whether it was a stone or glass until I took it to a gemstone shop, where it was confirmed to be a gold sheen obsidian.

Gold sheen obsidian is another chatoyant stone. When viewed in the sun or under light, the gold shimmery sparkles are revealed. known to have metaphysical qualities of protection (ridding of negative energy) and bringing out hidden talents or skills. I was immediately attracted to this stone, and I feel that the Universe sent it to me.

The value of this stone is about $200. I paid $2. (I need to take photos of this under studio lighting, because it reflects everything in the environment!)

Gold Sheen Obsidian

To give you an idea of how large this ball is, I took a photo with a pocket camera next to it.

Gold Sheen Obsidian – Large

Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye

Another gemstone that fascinated me when I was a child was the tiger’s eye. I believe my first tiger’s eye was on a small sample card of gemstones that was given to me by my grandfather when he’d returned from visiting Nevada. It was the one stone that I watched changed in the light like a hologram when moving the card around. The chatoyancy of the tiger’s eye is a result of microcrystal fibers within quartz.

Today, the tiger’s eye is still one of my favorite stones. Besides being beautiful, it is said to be a grounding stone to help with stability and helps to balance physical and emotional energies, as well as helping to improve insight and self-confidence. Sometimes tiger’s eye is worn for good luck and protection.

Tiger’s Eye – Gemstone Photography by Shannon Hudnell

Goldstone: Copper and Blue/Purple – Healing, Protection, Psychic Qualities

Goldstone fascinated me as a child. I was about five years old when someone had given me a child-size thick gold-tone bracelet that clipped over my wrist. In the center was a beautiful goldstone. The bracelet made me feel special, like an Egyptian goddess. I treasured that bracelet for years, but sold it on eBay a few years ago when I realized I couldn’t possibly wear it anymore.

Copper Goldstone

It wasn’t until recently I learned that goldstone isn’t a gemstone at all, even though many people claim it to be. Often referred to as aventurine glass, goldstone was invented in the seventeenth century by the Miotti family of Venice. There are also claims that monks accidentally discovered the process, but there is no documented evidence of that.

The stone is made from glass with reflective sparkly particles, such as copper, cobalt (blue), and manganese (purple). Each element produces different colors. Being that goldstone is manmade, does it give it any less qualities of healing or metaphysical value?

There are claims that copper goldstone has healing and energy properties, blue goldstone helps communication, and purple helps to open psychic awareness. They are used in meditation, healing, and charms.

Copper is known for its healing and protection properties. Since copper is a conductor, it can be used in energy charms. Cobalt is also said to have healing properties, and its blue color is said to help in removing creative blocks and aid in psychic abilities. Manganese  is claimed to have healing properties as well, and is said to have shielding properties in protection charms.

Blue/Purple Goldstone