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© 2001 Shannon Hart

© 2001 Shannon Hart

How often do you dream?

I dream often… sometimes it’s difficult knowing how to take action.


Dreaming of Mopeds, Horses, Key West, and Glitter

I had this dream a long time ago. This is from my dream journal:

My husband was driving a moped and I was on it. He was going from side to side and I thought he was being dangerous. I told him not to do that while I’m riding with him.

We were supposed to be in Key West, although it did not look anything like Key West. There was a black man standing in the middle of the road, near an intersection, with two large, brown beautiful horses. They reminded me of the type that police ride. Cars were driving by and scaring the horses.

I said, “You don’t see horses in the middle of the road, especially not here.”

Then the scene changed and I was in a place that was like a spa perhaps? All I know is that I was supposed to be pampered in some way. Someone was using a makeup brush to put silver glitter all over me. I told them to stop, that it was too much glitter. And then I woke up.

My interpretation:

Key West is supposed to be a fun place, a place many people vacation. My husband was having fun zipping around on the moped. I didn’t like it, because I thought I would get hurt. The black man may represent the unknown.

The two horses may represent messengers (or two messages) of authority. The scared horses may represent “scary” messages. The intersection is similar to a crossroad – something in which we must decide on which way to go.

Glitter in a dream may mean expression, flashiness, something requiring attention. But it was being put on me, and I told the person to stop doing it. Silver may represent money.

There was a situation in real life in which my husband had received two messages from someone of “authority” that were meant to scare him. Prior to that, he was zipping around in life, having fun and minding his own business. The messages concerned me, and I had to make a decision on what to do about the situation – do I continue expressing myself or hide? I told the “makeup” person to stop putting so much glitter on me – because I did not want the attention – and the silver had people believing we had a lot of money. The messages in real life concerned money, and when people think you have it, they will find a way to get it.
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Dreaming of Throwing Discus, Native American flute music, Front Door

In a very surreal, but vivid dream I had the other night, I stepped outside the front door of my house and threw a discus. It flew into the air, high in the sky, and it played the sounds of Native American flutes. I knew somehow that it would come back to me like a boomerang effect. I went back inside the house to shut the door so it wouldn’t hit me.

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The discus represents several things, but to me the first thought that came to mind was the kind used in a competitive sporting event. I also read that the discus may represent money, and in Hinduism, it represents the mind. The boomerang effect is something coming back to me. Stepping out of my house from the front door to the outside world – Houses are usually associated with the body; doors are associated with opportunities. Is my dream telling me I am opening my mind up for more opportunities? But since I am aware of this “boomerang” effect, I am being careful? Too careful? The music was pleasant and enjoyable… in fact, it was beautiful. Flutes are harmonious, and so is music in general if the music in the dream is “in tune”. I awoke with a good feeling from this dream.

Ode to HG Wells’ “The Country of the Blind” and “The Star”

I wrote this while taking Coursera’s Fantasy & Science Fiction course. The assignment was to write an essay on HG Wells work, but I do things my way. I combined the two stories and created a poem out of it.

She was like a lion,

a big bright shining star

Her mane rose up,

captured the sky

like a chariot on fire,

ripping open

those that surrounded her

Push, pull, push, pull…

Most never take notice

until it’s too late

But the one with one eye –

he notices

Yes, he notices

He sees her bodacious beauty –

mountains rising above him,

he begins to feel caved in


Until he realizes he’s in love.

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Recalling the Sinking Dream – a Poem

Back before it was Lulu, it was I loved it because there was a page on the website in which random movable words were given in order to create a poem of approximately 20 words. I used the site quite a bit to generate ideas for writing. Here is one poem I wrote using this method:

Recalling the Sinking Dream

Cradling my knees
I cried
–  Begging

to see
to touch
to understand
and to love –

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Puff the Magic Dragon Inspires Fearlessness

I have very vivid dreams every night and have been keeping dream journals consistently over last several years. So far I’ve filled three dream journals over that period of time, and it seems that the more I write them down, the more I dream. Sometimes I can easily interpret them, other times I am completely lost as to why I would dream such bizarre things.

One night I had this very vivid dream of being on a journey, flying horses and calling one of them Puff the Magic Dragon. Upon waking, I had no idea what in the world any of it meant, as I did not remember the story of Puff. Thankfully for Youtube, I watched the three 9-minute segments of the 1978 cartoon and there was the answer to my dream.

I had already known that the meaning of flying in a dream is overcoming something or rising above a situation. Horses in a dream symbolize strength and endurance. Next, it was up to me to discover why I was recalling the cartoon about Puff the Magic Dragon.

The story of Puff begins with a little boy named Jackie Draper who does not speak. A dragon named Puff appears at his window and tells Jackie he is there to help him help himself. Puff draws a picture of Jackie and names him “Jackie Paper”, and takes Jackie Paper on a journey in a boat to discover the land of Honah Lee. Along the journey is a big mean-looking pirate, which at first the little boy fears.

“The first step in not being afraid is to see things as they really are,” Puff tells Jackie. All of a sudden, Jackie sees the pirate as a baker and is no longer afraid.

The next fear that Jackie must overcome is the sea. Puff tells the boy that it’s not the sea he’s afraid of, but the dark clouds that cover the stars – because the clouds are jealous of the stars. The clouds believe they can deny beauty by hiding it, and just as a star falls from the sky, Puff tells Jackie that the clouds are always happy when a star dies.

As the star lay dying in his boat and cannot speak, Jackie says, “She wants to talk but she can’t. I know how she feels,” and although he is still afraid, the boy makes it his mission to save the star – and he does. Immediately after his mission is accomplished, the boat arrives on Honah Lee, but the place is not as they expected. The inhabitants of the island are all big noses that only sneeze and feel discomfort, which helps Jackie to understand that the reason they act that way is because they feel so miserable.

In the end, the pirate-cook comes along and creates rain made of chicken soup, thereby curing the inhabitants of Honah Lee. Puff brings Jackie Paper back to his room and tells him that he needs to be Jackie Draper, who is able to speak once again.

The moral of the story is that if you are fearless and see things in a different perspective, the stars and sunshine will come out – after the clouds and rain. I then understood the meaning of my dream.

Prophetic Dreams

The very few times in my life in which I’ve had dreams that came true made me have more faith in listening to my subconscious. I don’t understand why prophetic dreams happen randomly over a period of a few years and stop altogether. I dream every night, but none like the ones I’m about to talk about.

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In the very first prophetic dream that I recall, I was looking at my best friend and her boyfriend smiling and waving at me. In the dream I had no reaction to them, more as an observer. There was another woman in the dream that I did not recognize, and I didn’t get to see her face. All I remembered was that she had blonde hair and was older. I didn’t remember the dream until later the next day.

My best friend had to drive me to the emergency room. Her boyfriend stayed on the phone with me until she arrived at my house (this was before cell phones). While waiting in the ER, there were several techs in and out of the room. When I saw the older, blonde nurse come in to check on me, I remembered my dream. Everything seemed so surreal at the time. I watched her, she said nothing, but had a peacefulness about her. She came in twice to check my IV, and I never saw her again.

Another time I had a prophetic dream was a few years later. I was dating someone at the time that I will refer to as Mr. Bad News. I had more than one dream about Mr. Bad News cheating on me. Each time, my dreams were telling me something, but I was too stubborn to see what was right in front of my face – until the last time when there was physical evidence. In the last dream, there was another girl with him. I couldn’t see her face, but I could see her long, wavy brown hair. The following day, I visited Mr. Bad News. His neck looked like he’d gotten into a fight with Miss Hoover. The girl he was with? Long, brown, wavy hair.

When I was in college, the CD player in my car stopped working and had one of my favorite CD’s stuck in it. I missed my Chili Peppers’ Californication CD for several weeks until I dreamed that I hit the eject button and it started working again. Initially, I’d forgotten about the dream the next day until I was driving around and it hit me. I didn’t think it was going to work, but I pushed the eject button and miraculously, out popped Californication! I couldn’t believe it!

The dreams I have now are filled with symbolism that takes time to interpret – and even then, still doesn’t always make sense to me. I keep a dream journal, and in a year, I’ve filled two of them!

Inspirational Poster: Manifesting

“Manifest your inner power and wisdom… your spiritual growth and abilities.”

~ Shannon Hart 

Working on what we want for ourselves spiritually isn’t as difficult as it seems. We are in charge of our own destinies. Our thoughts and words are powerful tools that can manifest our desires and abilities, which is why we must be careful of that which we are creating.

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Dream Journal Symbolism: Reality Show Mothers and Hair

A few years ago when my daughter was in high school and I was having difficulty explaining that my rules are as is, and I didn’t care what other mother’s rules are. I don’t care what other people think; it’s my life and my family, and I will do it my way.

Then I had this dream:

I was at the beach with a friend from high school. A huge wave came and took something or someone (I think it was a baby). The dream switched and I was at a reality show about mothers and daughters getting makeovers. My hair was turning brown and caramel. All of the other mothers were redheads. There were college boys in a trailer near us. I was the only mother that stayed back to watch everything in the show while the others went off and did their own thing. Still waiting to be picked for a makeover, I went to the trailer and saw a room where my daughter had slept. The bed was made.

This was a difficult dream for me to interpret at the time, because I didn’t understand the reality show portion of it. The huge wave coming and taking something – if in fact it was a baby – was probably representative of my own child, even though she was no longer a baby. She was still my baby. The fact that all of the other mothers had red hair and I did not said that I was different from them. Also different were my actions, because while I was observing things they were nonchalant in doing their own thing. This is exactly how it played out in real life.
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