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Dr. Bean – an overgrown flop character, lack of structure

Dr. Bean is probably the worst thing I’ve ever had to read in my life. The fact that the movie’s box states: “The Ultimate Disaster Movie” isn’t a joke. I haven’t seen the movie, but reading less than 20 pages of the script made me want to blow my brains out. (Why would any university would have its students waste one moment reading one page of such crap?)

Although the script intends for him to be funny, Bean’s character is flat and lacks any depth. Why does this character act like such a moron? He’s a grown man acting like a child. The question is never answered, as the script also lacks a circle of being. I felt like I was reading about Pee Wee Herman.

Bean has been pawned off by his coworkers to go to America, apparently because no one wants him around. An overly passive character, Bean accepts and goes to another museum and insists on everyone calling him “Dr. Bean”, which also makes no sense, because he’s not a doctor. It isn’t until the very end Bean is in a hospital scene, but that is purely to fill in the script’s lack of everything else.


There is lack of dialogue throughout the script, which leaves very little whiteness on the pages. The first several pages of the script are choppy. The scenes could have been a little longer so it made more sense instead of going back and forth every ten seconds between Bean’s idiocy and the people planning to can him.

At the beginning of the script when Bean hides from the security guards, what was the point of that? It didn’t help the story move forward, there was no dramatic playoff, and there is no mystery at all. It only added more stupidity.

The museum scene with Bean covering the nipples of the women in paintings in front of the schoolgirls was not only unrealistic, but preposterous. He works at a museum yet tries to hide the fact there are nude paintings? Just plain dumb.  He thinks the girls might be offended, or is he offended? Is this the writer’s way of letting us know that Bean is an overgrown creep?

I stopped reading after about page 20. I couldn’t take another minute of my time on this disaster.