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The Tick vs Auld Lang Syne

The theme of The Tick is power, and I chose this because each character or object holds a power in some fashion. The Noodge’s power is that he knows a secret that cannot be told. The scythe’s power is time travel. Brainchild has power to stop time and destroy things. Tick eventually gains power with his own scythe by defeating Brainchild. Time holds power as to whether or not Arthur and Carmelita kiss.

Tick’s need is to find out how time works in relation to Father Time and Baby New Year, which is held secret by Noodge. He must find this out in order to “save the day” so to speak.

How each page in the script moves the story forward as related to the Tick, Arthur and the Noodge:

Page 1: Establishes the protagonist, the Tick, and the fact that he’s at a New Year’s party.
Page 2: Tick’s sullen friend, Arthur, is introduced, and Tick tries to cheer him up.
Page 3: Arthur gets angry that Tick is annoying him, but admits that he is nervous about something. Tick realizes that it’s about a girl, Carmelita.
Page 4: Tick tries to console Arthur, but he is shameful about something that happened a week prior. The countdown to midnight begins.
Page 5: As the countdown is ticking, Tick pushes Arthur and Carmelita together, waiting for them to kiss, but the crowd becomes frozen.
Page 6: Tick realizes that Arthur and the others are frozen, but can’t figure out why. Noodge is introduced.
Page 7: Noodge is described as a majestic type of being and announces his power (or curse).
Page 8: Noodge gets angry at Tick for slurping his drink in midair and tries to tell Tick about something of importance.
Page 9: Noodge uses his power to unfreeze Arthur. Tick and Arthur still don’t know why everyone is frozen.
Page 10: Noodge tells them he is forbidden to inform them about the fabric of time, even though Arthur begs. Father Time and Baby New Year are introduced in a flashback.
Page 11: Noodge informs Tick and Arthur that something has stopped the natural order of things, which is why time is frozen. We see that Baby New Year cannot come to earth until his predecessor departs.
Page 12: A scythe appears to Tick, and everything that Noodge says he can’t reveal he actually does reveal by saying “I can’t tell you…” what power the scythe holds. It is revealed there is a villain involved.
Page 13: Tick realizes that he is holding the scythe that will help him find the villain. Tick and Arthur vanish.
Pages 14-15: Tick and Arthur are at the crossroads of time, but they don’t know where they are.
Page 16: Tick and Arthur realize they’re at the crossroads. Tick gets run over by a car.
Page 17: Tick is okay, both realize they’re unsafe and get out of there using the scythe.
Page 18: The villain, Brainchild, is introduced. We learn he can freeze time.
Page 19: Brainchild reveals that he has put Father Time on life support. Tick and Arthur show up and realize Brainchild is behind it.
Page 20: Brainchild confesses he used Father Time’s scythe to go back in time to Christmas in order to destroy everyone. Tick II appears and takes the Scythe from Brainchild.
Page 21: Brainchild accuses Tick of cheating, because there are two Ticks, who are glorifying that they won.
Page 22: Arthur encourages Tick to pull the plug on Father Time, but Tick can’t do it. Father Time does it himself and dies.
Page 23: Noodge reappears, explaining that since Father Time has passed on, that Baby New Year can come through.
Page 24: Noodge watches the New Year’s party continue. Arthur and Carmelita kiss, but Tick hides the view from Noodge.