Creating Your Own Destiny Requires Responsibility

We are in charge of our own destinies. Everyone has a different circumstance to deal with, but in the end we all have to work with and accept these things in order to move forward.

Sometimes adults act like children – not in the goofy way, but those who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and choose to rely on others, whether it be financially or other reasons. They make excuses about what they “can’t” do instead of trying. They blame others for all of life’s difficulties without ever once admitting that every choice we make has a consequence, and we are responsible for our own destinies.

Sometimes it’s difficult to admit when we’re wrong because it’s easier to say, “But you…” instead of saying, “Oh shit, I screwed up.” Being an adult means taking responsibility for your own actions, admitting when you are wrong, and working on the issue to resolve it. Being an adult means sucking it up and dealing with the consequences of our own actions. We all have the power within us to do fix our lives, and blaming others will never fix anything.

Many of us were born into situations in which we have felt we cannot separate from. However, if you keep telling yourself that you are “stuck” in a situation, then that’s exactly what destiny will create for yourself. Our minds are very powerful, and we all have the ability create our own destinies. If we choose to allow others to barge into our lives and make it a mess, then that is our own fault. If we choose to allow others to walk all over us, to treat us like second-class citizens, then we deserve what we are allowing to happen to us. We have choices, and we can say no. We have the right to stand up for ourselves and demand respect, fight back, and tell them all to go to hell if we so please.

Of course there are times when, no matter what we do, some parasite will latch onto us – whether it be a physical being or a thought pattern. Times like these will test our faith and our integrity. As long as we remain true to ourselves and stand up for what we believe in, and what we believe is right for our own path, then these parasitic moments will be a mere stepping stone to the next level of our destination.

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