Pranic Healing has Healed my Life

I am open to a lot of things, but at the same time I am skeptic.

Two years ago I attended a Pranic Healing and meditation session to see what it was all about. Pranic healing is similar to Reiki, but slightly different in that it uses the auric energy field around the body and chakras, and cleanses the energy fields/auras in order to help the physical body to heal. There is no touch involed. (View this video that explains more.)

pranic healing

I’d been having some awful back pain that chiropractors and massage therapists were not helping. It had been going on for weeks, and I was feeling pretty desperate. When I saw an ad in a Natural Awakenings Magazine that there were free healing sessions being given in my area, I thought what have I got to lose? It can’t hurt to try it out. So I went to my very first Pranic Healing lecture and session.

There was a small group of people – some healers, some just like myself. The lecturer was an actual doctor – a dermatologist – who explained that because of her scientific background, she was very skeptical of any type of alternative medicine. She explained more about how Pranic Healing works. Then the group meditated to help calm and focus everyone. I got super lucky and had the doctor herself work on me.

At first I didn’t think anything was happening. I’d had a knife-stabbing pain in my back, and the chair I was sitting in didn’t help. After about 10 minutes or so, I started to feel lighter, and the right side of my body was relaxed. The left side was still tightened up, however. When the session was over, I was satisfied with the result that at least half of my body felt good and overall. She told me that sometimes it takes a day or so to take effect (to “sink in”), and sometimes it takes more than one session.

On my way home, I noticed that I felt much better than I had when I was on my way to the session – overall, I was less tired and more energetic. That night I went to bed full of energy. Within hours, my entire spine seemed to loosen up and pop and crack all the way up. It was amazing! I hadn’t felt good in weeks. And even though I hadn’t slept much that night, I didn’t feel very tired the next day. Compared to the day prior to attending Pranic Healing, I felt about 80% better.

Pranic Healing did something for me that nothing else could. I started attending weekly meditation and healing sessions, and I could see a complete change in myself within two months. I was happier, more energetic, calmer, and from what I am told, more pleasant to be around.

There are many free Pranic Healing sessions around the country, so if you are in chronic pain, you might want to try it out. For more information on Pranic Healing, visit:


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  1. It is always a pleasure to meet another healer. In love and light Cheryle

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