Strawberry Spinach Nut Salad with Mango Vinaigrette Dressing

I have a lot of food allergies, which presents a huge challenge when it comes to eating food that tastes good. Most people take this for granted, and many people do not understand that it is imperative to stay away from specific allergens. Specifically, I am allergic to: eggs, milk (and milk products, however I’m okay with a small amount of aged or raw cheese), corn, brewer’s yeast, oranges, and mustard. That doesn’t even include what I’m allergic to in the environment!

With that being said, sometimes I have to get really creative with whatever I have. I never learned to cook or be creative with food until I was in my mid 30s – mainly because the food allergy issue forced me to learn.

One night I was craving a salad, specifically something with tomatoes and avocado. But I had neither. I had plenty of fresh spring greens and spinach. And nuts. And strawberries. It sounded great, but I needed a sweet dressing to top it and had nothing in the refrigerator that would work. Or so I thought.

Strawberry Spinach Nut Salad 

Shannon's Creative Work: Salads &emdash;

For the salad, I used:

Handful of fresh spring greens
Handful of spinach
3 Large Strawberries, chopped or sliced
Tsp almonds
Tsp sunflower seeds
Tsp walnuts
Tsp gorgonzola cheese

For the dressing (stir this together):

Tbsp olive oil
Tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 Tbsp mango juice

Shannon's Creative Work: Salads &emdash;


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