The Tree That Survived the Winter

I often find my most treasured books in secondhand stores. Not too long ago I found a little gem titled The Tree That Survived the Winter by Mary Fahy. It’s a simple story – a fable for adults – with simplistic artwork.


The story begins about a tree that wakes up one day to see what she has survived being removed from her comfort zone and endured a harsh winter. But then the tree begins blaming the sun for not being there when she needed it most. The sun explained to the tree that she survived because she was loved, and because she had kept faith that the sun would come back. As the tree grew, she was needed and loved by people, and each of them gave her different names.

The Tree That Survived the Winter is about having faith during difficult times. When I read the book, I had just survived a brutal “winter” myself, and took it as a sign that everything will always be okay in the end.


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