Prophetic Dreams

The very few times in my life in which I’ve had dreams that came true made me have more faith in listening to my subconscious. I don’t understand why prophetic dreams happen randomly over a period of a few years and stop altogether. I dream every night, but none like the ones I’m about to talk about.

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In the very first prophetic dream that I recall, I was looking at my best friend and her boyfriend smiling and waving at me. In the dream I had no reaction to them, more as an observer. There was another woman in the dream that I did not recognize, and I didn’t get to see her face. All I remembered was that she had blonde hair and was older. I didn’t remember the dream until later the next day.

My best friend had to drive me to the emergency room. Her boyfriend stayed on the phone with me until she arrived at my house (this was before cell phones). While waiting in the ER, there were several techs in and out of the room. When I saw the older, blonde nurse come in to check on me, I remembered my dream. Everything seemed so surreal at the time. I watched her, she said nothing, but had a peacefulness about her. She came in twice to check my IV, and I never saw her again.

Another time I had a prophetic dream was a few years later. I was dating someone at the time that I will refer to as Mr. Bad News. I had more than one dream about Mr. Bad News cheating on me. Each time, my dreams were telling me something, but I was too stubborn to see what was right in front of my face – until the last time when there was physical evidence. In the last dream, there was another girl with him. I couldn’t see her face, but I could see her long, wavy brown hair. The following day, I visited Mr. Bad News. His neck looked like he’d gotten into a fight with Miss Hoover. The girl he was with? Long, brown, wavy hair.

When I was in college, the CD player in my car stopped working and had one of my favorite CD’s stuck in it. I missed my Chili Peppers’ Californication CD for several weeks until I dreamed that I hit the eject button and it started working again. Initially, I’d forgotten about the dream the next day until I was driving around and it hit me. I didn’t think it was going to work, but I pushed the eject button and miraculously, out popped Californication! I couldn’t believe it!

The dreams I have now are filled with symbolism that takes time to interpret – and even then, still doesn’t always make sense to me. I keep a dream journal, and in a year, I’ve filled two of them!


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  1. Thank you for the reminder of prophectic dreams. They are what stimulated my knowledge of other ways of knowing. Many of my pregnant patients would share early conversations with their unborn babies that offered important information. My daughter request her name several months before her birth. It’s a lovely feeling to be connected.

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