Am I a Martian?

Am I a Martian?

I am a stranger amongst the others. I watch as they go about their business while I stand out like a dot of pepper in a salt factory.

I seek to learn about their culture… their thoughts… their habits. I want to absorb it all. I am authentic in my intentions, but I cannot be perfect. I know I am good at what I do; I just do it differently.

They don’t accept me. I am not like them. Out of boredom, I don’t always follow the rules. I stretch them to fit my own needs, and it works for me. Their rules – the petty ones that aren’t important in the whole scheme of things – are how they judge me. It’s not like I’ve hurt anyone or committed a crime, but they act as if I just killed their family. Just because I am different doesn’t give them the right to be so cruel and unforgiving and heartless.

The harmless things I do anger them, but it’s not like I am rude. Sometimes others do not like it when people are themselves. They would rather see us all as sheep following the inbred heard. They would rather us live like Hitler’s little slaves yay-saying to their every whim. How dreadfully dull and pathetic life would be!

Being different does not mean I am below them; I just happen to seek a different path. If it were a different world in which we communicate they dare not ever treat me that way to my face. But the screen in which they hide behind acts as a mask and allows them to become one of the Dark Ones, even if only for a brief period of time.

I am only human… or am I?

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  1. No, not a Martian… You sound more like a Plutonian…

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