Does anyone really listen?

I could sit and write or talk all day long, but I get the feeling that no one is really listening. In fact, the only time I talk is when I’m at work, because my job requires me to speak – and even then I constantly have to repeat myself because many don’t listen. People would rather look at pictures or play on their iPhones or watch some blabbing noisy television.

Other than that, I’ve mostly stopped expressing myself, because I don’t feel that anyone really cares enough what I have to say. I would be surprised if one person that knows me personally actually reads this.

Shannon's Creative Work: Artography of ANGELS &emdash; Angel of Sound

Angel of Sound


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  1. I hear ya. Get it? If people would just shut up for like two seconds, they’d realize that they should listen twice as much as they speak.

  2. Matthew 12:36, God is listening to ever word. For we are the words we speak!

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