3-Minute-Fiction Writing Contest – Leave a Message…

I finally finished my story for the latest 3MF contest. It was a huge challenge, because the story has to be based on a voicemail – which to me means a lot of dialogue. That’s a very difficult thing for me to write, since I tend to like descriptions much better. I racked my brain trying to decide how in the heck I was going to write this, and then it just came to me.

I can’t post it here if I hope to win this round, but I will say that most (not all) of the story is dialogue. And I will say that the two characters are named Kamila (kah-MEE-la) and Alma. I chose the names, because of their meaning. (In my article on Flash Fiction Chronicles, I suggest using a baby name book to help name characters.) Kamila is an Arabic name meaning “perfection”; Alma is Spanish with a meaning of feeding the soul/spirit. The names I used are symbolic of  the story’s content (which I am sure no one will understand unless they read this), so I hope I pulled it off.


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