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Some Thoughts on Love

How do you know when someone loves you?

Before I agreed to marry my husband, how was I sure that he loved me? He put up with all of my little idiosyncrasies. He put up with my artsy-fartsy projects all around the house. He even stuck around when my teenage girl was… well, being not so nice.

When somebody truly loves you, they pick you up – not kick you – when you are down.

That was probably the one thing that led me to knowing that he loved me like no one else ever had.

“If you’re ever down, I will pick you up.”

How a Person I’ve Never Met Changed My Perspective

How many of us often wonder what is our purpose in life? Do any of us really know? And if so, how do you know?

Last summer, while I was going through a rough patch and feeling sorry for myself, I received a very unexpected phone call early one morning. At first I almost hung up, believing that it was a telemarketer – until the person on the other end said, “You signed up to be a bone marrow donor in 2007. You are a possible match.”

I was still a little groggy and in a little bit of a shock that this could be happening, but I suddenly felt a peace come over me. I thought maybe this was a sign telling me I had a purpose in life after all.

The nurse on the phone asked some questions and told me that the person in need was a 36-year-old male with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. What usually happens is the doctor and patient explore all options, and if they decide a bone marrow transplant is best, then I would be subjected to a few blood tests before proceeding. I wouldn’t know anything unless they decided to go with the transplant.

But I had questions, too. My biggest concern was about the process being a very painful one, because that seems to be the popular rumor. She said it’s not like it used to be, that the donor is put under anesthesia and most people are back to normal within a few days or so.

When we hung up I did some research on the “Be the Match” donor website. I realized that a week of “pain” to save someone’s life is well worth it. I considered the time I was in labor pain for about 20 hours when I gave birth to my daughter (not to mention the pain and anguish during her teenage years 😉 ), so this would be easy for me. I decided to proceed with the paperwork and sent in what they needed. Then a friend reminded me that her son had the same disease, and that a bone marrow donor saved his life. I knew I had to agree to do this if I was a match, and I didn’t think twice about it.

I haven’t heard anything since, so I’m assuming that the patient decided against the transplant. However, the phone call itself changed me. Here I was stressing over things in life that I had some control over and worrying about why I am on this planet. And here was this 36-year-old guy being told his life is in danger; he most certainly had legitimate concerns. Boy, did I feel like a wuss!

Whoever you are, 36-year-old guy, you don’t even know it, but I want to thank you for changing my life perspective. Maybe that is part of your purpose for being here.

*To register to be a bone marrow donor, visit

Angel in the Sky

3-Minute-Fiction Writing Contest – Leave a Message…

I finally finished my story for the latest 3MF contest. It was a huge challenge, because the story has to be based on a voicemail – which to me means a lot of dialogue. That’s a very difficult thing for me to write, since I tend to like descriptions much better. I racked my brain trying to decide how in the heck I was going to write this, and then it just came to me.

I can’t post it here if I hope to win this round, but I will say that most (not all) of the story is dialogue. And I will say that the two characters are named Kamila (kah-MEE-la) and Alma. I chose the names, because of their meaning. (In my article on Flash Fiction Chronicles, I suggest using a baby name book to help name characters.) Kamila is an Arabic name meaning “perfection”; Alma is Spanish with a meaning of feeding the soul/spirit. The names I used are symbolic of  the story’s content (which I am sure no one will understand unless they read this), so I hope I pulled it off.