Dream Symbolism: Dreaming of Sharks

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been interested in interpreting the meaning of my dreams. A few years ago I began writing them down, and by the end of that year I’d filled up 3 notebooks. (Yes, I dream a lot!) I discovered one of the important reasons to keep a dream journal is recurring themes and symbols that can be analyzed and pinpointed down to gain better clarity. Sometimes it takes days or weeks for me to realize what the dream was trying to convey to me.

For example, in my very first journal entry, I’d written a dream I’d had about a huge shark with a big black eye – like one huge pupil. My mother was in the dream, and I’d told her to punch it in the face. She had it in a headlock and that’s when I noticed the black eye. Suddenly, a wave pushed me to shore. Eventually the shark went away and we went back in the water. I noticed a large black fin and screamed/warned the others in the water. As soon as I warned them, the sharks came after me and backed me up against a wall. Both had long, pointy noses like swords. One of them poked at me, so I kicked it in the nose. Then the smaller shark attacked me. Both were very aggressive. I screamed and then woke up.

The ocean in dreams represents the deep consciousness and/or emotions. Sharks are obviously people or things that may attack us in real life. The day after the dream, I was scheduled to have an in-office medical procedure, which I was not looking forward to having. While I was being prodded during this particular unpleasant procedure, it dawned on me that the doctor and nurse were the sharks in my dream – poking at me aggressively.


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