Monthly Archives: November 2011

Finding Treasures: She Taught Me To Eat Artichokes

I am a collector of autographed books, so when I found She Taught Me To Eat Artichokes: The Discovery of the Heart of Friendship by Mary Kay Shanley autographed by both the author and the illustrator, Paul Micich, I was delighted! The book is a story about slowly getting to know someone, slowly gaining her trust, and becoming friends.

She Taught Me To Eat Artichokes can be purchased on Amazon for about $9. My bargain price? $1.

Finding Treasures: Silvery Mirror in Garden Rock

One day I decided that my garden needed weeding when I saw something shining at me. It was a white garden rock with a silvery mirror-like reflection within it. Since I take things like this as a Divine sign, I knew that it meant for me to take a look at myself and get rid of – or “weed out” – what I no longer need in life.

I’ve tried looking this up to see what the silvery part is, but I can’t find anything. Perhaps I will have to make another trip to the gemstone shop.

Silvery substance in white garden rock

Finding Treasures at the Beach

Walks on the beach are often how I clear my head and at the same time get exercise. If I’m in a bad mood, the ocean air seems to take it all away.

It seems that I never leave the beach without finding treasures. Oftentimes, treasures are the smallest things that are meaningless to most people, but I have a habit of finding reasons and symbols behind everything.

For example, one day while I was in a crabby mood, I was walking along the beach and saw a broken crab shell in the shape of a heart. I laughed out loud, because I knew it was the Universe’s way of showing me love on a bad day. Another day I took a walk in an attempt to get rid of a headache.  I noticed a small orange toy that a child had left behind. It was an ugly little monster, much like my headache. Yes, the Universe has a way of making us laugh at ourselves.

During another little stroll I had been thinking about some things that needed my attention on figuring out how to deal with them when I came across this little creature. I thought it was so adorable and just one more way that reminded me to look at the softer side of life.