Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye

Another gemstone that fascinated me when I was a child was the tiger’s eye. I believe my first tiger’s eye was on a small sample card of gemstones that was given to me by my grandfather when he’d returned from visiting Nevada. It was the one stone that I watched changed in the light like a hologram when moving the card around. The chatoyancy of the tiger’s eye is a result of microcrystal fibers within quartz.

Today, the tiger’s eye is still one of my favorite stones. Besides being beautiful, it is said to be a grounding stone to help with stability and helps to balance physical and emotional energies, as well as helping to improve insight and self-confidence. Sometimes tiger’s eye is worn for good luck and protection.

Tiger’s Eye – Gemstone Photography by Shannon Hudnell


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  1. It’s really beautiful. Does Tiger’s Eye work for any person? Maybe a certain sign of the zodiac?

    • Shannon Hart Hudnell

      It’s suggested that if we’re attracted to certain stones, to test out different ones by holding them. If we feel their “vibration” than that’s the right stone. I have read that Tiger’s Eye is for any sign of the zodiac.

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